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Privacy and Security

Please carefully read this Privacy Policy on the website of Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados. By accessing or using this website, you automatically agree to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with any of these legal terms, please do not access or use our website. By submitting any information to us, you agree to our privacy policy as set forth herein.


Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados is committed to respecting the privacy of the personal data of users and clients, individuals and representatives, administrators, partners or any other individuals related to the company’s users and clients (“Data Holder”, “Holder” or “you”) in relation to the personal data processed.

Committed to respecting your privacy and valuing transparency, Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados created this Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) to provide you with a clear understanding of how the company treats your personal data. For more information about the processing of personal data, contact the Person in Charge via e-mail


Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados will be the controller of your personal data within the scope of the relationship established with you. For the purposes of applicable legislation, the controller is responsible for decisions regarding the processing of personal data.


To the extent permitted by applicable law, Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados may process personal data, but not limited to the data described below: 

  1. Identification, qualification and contact data: full name; address; birth date; nationality; identification document(s) data (such as RG, CPF, CNH, OAB, as applicable), email address; phone number, among others; 

  2. Academic and professional data: company where you worked or provided services; profession; office; schooling, among others;

  3. Financial information: remuneration; transaction history; credits; sales; possessions; debt certificate; loans; 

  4. Family information: family structure; relationships; and documents relating to them.


The above personal data is only processed in certain cases and when necessary to achieve the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy, especially for the provision of legal services. 

Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados may collect this information in several ways. This personal data may be collected directly from you, the Data Subject, may be obtained from someone related to the Data Subject (e.g. the company you are a part of), or may be accessed from publicly accessible sources, or through partner offices. 

Regardless of the origin of the data, the treatment will be governed by this Privacy Policy and you can contact us via email  in the case of doubts. 

Except where we are required by law; is necessary for the purpose of providing a legal service to you; necessary to exercise or defend the rights of Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados or we have a legitimate interest, we will not carry out Processing activities with your Personal Data without obtaining your consent. 

We do not sell or trade Personal Data. However, we may share Personal Data with our agents, contractors or business partners, in Brazil or abroad, for the exclusive purpose of performing the services offered by Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados, and such agents, contractors and partners will also be subject to this Privacy Policy. 

If requested by an order issued by a competent authority in the fulfillment of its legal attributions, or in case of violations or suspected violations of this Privacy Policy or the Law, Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados may be required to provide Personal Data that are stored. However, Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados undertakes to provide information limited to the minimum necessary to achieve the required purposes, including in relation to partner offices, expert partners, auditors and accountants to enable the exercise of related legal activities._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados will provide you with the possibility for your Personal Data to be updated, corrected or deleted. As permitted by applicable law, you may request correction, updating or deletion of your Personal Data. In this case, you must send an email to .

Where required by applicable law, we may provide you with a copy of all of your Personal Data that we have in our control, as well as the ability to port it to another service or website. To do so, you must send an email to the address .

If you ask us to delete your Personal Data, we will comply with your request except in relation to Personal Data that may be necessary to prove that our services have been provided properly, in accordance with the applicable statute of limitations.


In general, we process your personal data for customer service and the provision of legal services in an advisory or litigation context, including, but not limited to:

  • I. Drafting, reviewing or negotiating contracts;

  • II. Conducting or participating in an audit to verify a company's compliance with Brazilian legislation and risk analysis;

  • III. Management of investigations, inquiries, judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings, which includes the analysis and preparation of documents, monitoring of progress, among other actions;

  • IV. Analysis of new products, structures, cases or any situations presented by customers to prepare a response to queries, memoranda, legal opinions or opinions;

  • V. Preparation of mandatory documents under Brazilian legislation;

  • SAW. Intermediation of the client's relationship with government authorities and bodies;

  • VII. Pro bono action;

  • VIII. Conducting training;

  • IX. Holding meetings, videoconferences or telephone conferences to discuss topics in general;

  • X. Obtaining necessary licenses, authorizations and permissions;

  • XI. Assistance in participating in bids;

  • XII. Coordination of corporate operations.

  • XIII. We may also process your personal data for the purposes of formalizing the contract with Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados, billing and collection if you are a natural person or a representative of a legal entity.

  • XIV. In addition, we may process your personal data to maintain our relationship with you through:

  • XV. Sending institutional communications, memoranda or newsletters with topics of interest to you and invitations to events;

  • XVI. Organization of events, including managing subscribers, reminders and thanks. To ensure easier access and comfort at the event, Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados may ask if you have a disability or have mobility restrictions;

  • XVII. Conducting a satisfaction survey and feedback on our services and initiatives.

  • Occasionally, Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados may provide your personal data so that national or international legal publications can contact you so that you can evaluate and refer our services to such publications. 


6.1. Users are entitled, upon request to the Data Protection Officer:

  1. Confirmation of the existence of treatment;

  2. Access to personal data;

  3.  Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data; 

  4. Anonymization, blocking or elimination of unnecessary, excessive or treated data in violation of the provisions of this Law;

  5. Data portability to another service or product provider, upon express request, in accordance with ANPD regulations;

  6. Revocation of consent and consequent deletion of personal data processed, except in the cases provided for in art. 16 of the LGPD;

  7. VII. Information on the public and private entities with which the controller made shared use of data. 

  8. VIII. Information about the possibility of not providing consent and the consequences of denial; 


Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados may transfer your personal data to service providers located abroad, including cloud service providers. In addition, Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados may share your personal data with partner offices, experts and accountants, its subsidiaries or eventually with offices of Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados located abroad.

When your personal data is transferred outside Brazil by Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados, we will take appropriate measures to ensure adequate protection of your personal data in accordance with the requirements of applicable data protection legislation, entering into, where necessary, contracts appropriate third-party data transfers.


We store and maintain your information (I) for as long as required by law; (II) until the end of the processing of personal data, as mentioned below; (III) for the time necessary to preserve the legitimate interest of Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados, as the case may be; (IV) for the time necessary to protect the regular exercise of rights by Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados in judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings; (V) during the applicable statute of limitations or while necessary to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation.

The end of the processing of personal data will occur in the following cases:

  1. When the purpose for which the personal data of the data subject was collected is achieved or the personal data collected is no longer necessary or relevant to the scope of that purpose;

  2. When the data subject is in his right to request the termination of the treatment and the deletion of his personal data and he does so;

  3. IWhen there is a legal determination in this regard.

  4. In these cases of termination of processing of personal data, except for the cases established by applicable legislation or by this Privacy Policy, the personal data will be deleted.


We are committed to the security of your personal data and we take precautions to maintain that protection. Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados employs diligent security systems and technical, physical and managerial procedures, usually adopted by the market, to protect your personal data. However, due to the current state of technological development, we cannot guarantee absolute security for your personal information.


As a feature of our website, we may provide links to other websites. Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados is not responsible for these websites and contents, and also does not share, subscribe, monitor, validate or accept the way in which these websites treat your personal data. We recommend that you consult the respective privacy policies of such websites to adequately inform yourself about the treatment of your personal data.


  • 11.1 Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados may modify this Privacy Policy. You should check this page periodically to ensure that you agree with any changes. By continuing to use our website and services, you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy as amended.

  • 11.2 When using the services of the SITE, the User is aware of the terms of this Declaration in force on the date of use, being responsible for checking it in advance each time they visit the SITE.


For matters related to the processing of personal data, the interested party must contact the Person in Charge, according to the data below:


There is a technology called “cookies”, which can be used to provide personalized information from a website. A “cookie” is an element of data that a website can send to your browser, which can then store it on your system. The Calijuri, Marzabal & Paoliello Advogados website uses cookies so that we can better serve you when you return to our website. You can configure your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the option to accept it or not. We assume that you agree to the use of cookies, but you can choose to block them if you wish.


If you have any concerns that we are violating any law or regulation regarding the privacy of your personal data or need to contact us regarding this Privacy Policy, please send an email to your request

Our aim is to respond to you within a reasonable time, usually within 15 business days.


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